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Flowers need sunshine

Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, all angels in heaven know I need u. years may fly, tears may dry, but my Luv for u will never die.

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Love Is Like A Flower

Love Is Like A Flower. . . Give It Time. . . Patience And Lots Of Tender Loving Care And Watch As It Blooms Into Something Wonderful. . .

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Flowers die

Flowers die......... .,

Stories end......... .,

Songs fade........ ..,

Memories are forgotten... .,

All things come to an end,

But people like you,

Always remain forever,

B''cozzzzzzzzzzzz. .... ...







You are One of a Kind !!!!!!!!!!

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Man Askd God

Man Askd God: What''s LOVE . . .? ? ?

GOD Said: Go To The Garden & Get The Most Beautiful Flower.

Man Returned Empty Handed & Told Tht: I Found The Most Beautiful Flower But I Ket Walking In Hope Of A Better One And Then I Realised I Ignored The Best One. I Went Back But Could Not Find It There. . .

GOd Said: This Is LOVE . . .! ! !
U Don''t Value It When u Have It
Repent When U Lose It. . .

So Never Let Ur Love Go . . .

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Remember me like pressed

Remember me like pressed flower in ur Notebook.
It may not b having any fragrance but will
remind u of my existence 4ever in ur life.

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Love is like a flower

Love is like a flower, give it some time, patience and lots of tender loving care; and watch it bloom into something wonderful before your eyes.

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Roses are waiting

Roses are waiting for hours,
need one touch of yours.
my life is like a rose,
need one love dose.
flowers grows with love & sunshine,
& i''ll live till you remain mine.

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Keep Love In Ur

Keep Love In Ur Heart. A Life Widout It Is Like A Sunless Garden

When The Flowers Are Dead.

The Consciousness Of Loving & Being Loved

Brings A Warmth & Richness To Life That Nothing Else Can Bring

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Love Is Like A Flower

Love Is Like A Flower

Give It Some Tym , Patience & Lots Of Tender Loving Care


Watch It Bloom Into Something Wonderful Before Ur Eyes

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If Love Comes In

If Love Comes In Colors,
I Choose Blue,
If Love Comes In Flowers,
I’ll Choose Rose,
If Love Comes In Songs,
I’ll Think Of Choosing Blues,
But If Love Should Come In Human Beings,
I’ll Definitely Not Think Twice Before
I’ll Choice You!
Because.....You Are My Choice

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when i die

i die
YoU will go my graves.
Don''t cry.
Don''t say any thing.
Don''t give any flower.
don''t say anything.

just say
I LoVe YoU

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Not every bird

Not every bird
peacock does..

Not evry flower
represnts LOVE,
Rose does..

Not evry person
reaches till d HEART,
u do..

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once there was a

once there was a sparrow who love a withe rose.she perposed the withe rose butt rose reply that
when he will turns red he will alsi fell in love with sparrow. than sparrow tore her body and
slowly spread her blood on the the flower turns red and fell in love with sparrow. butt sparrow no more

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Small love story

Small love story......

Two butterflies love each day they
where playing hide n seek at nite. girl butterfly
says " A small game between us". she says "who
sits on this flower earlier in the mrg tomorrow,
that one loves the other most". then the boy
butterfly says ''OK''. next mrg she was waiting frm 4''o
clock.the flower opened... she found the boy
butterfly dead inside it, because he stayed there
the previous nite itself.
thats what true love.
LOVE IS LIFE, dont miss it.......

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In The Flower My

In The Flower My Rose Is You,

In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You,

In The Sky My Moon Is You,

I''m Only Body My Heart Is You,

That''s Why I Always MISS YOU

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