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A Girls Eye Is Faster den Google,
in Serchin A Handsome Boy In A Crowd..

But A Boys Heart Is Slower den Turtle in Forgetting a Girl Whom he Loved..

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Forget The Times He Walked By

Forget The Times He Walked By, Forget The Times He Made You Cry, Forget The Times He Spoke Your Name, Remember Now Your Not The Same. Forget The Times He Held Your Hand, Forget The Sweet Things If You Can, Forget The Times & Don't Pretend, Remember Now He's Just Your Friend.

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Happy Resolution

I'm A Cheater But I Don't Cheat Humanity. I Hate Study ...But I Luv Technology. I Flirt wid Flirters But I Respect Luvrs. World Cant Change Me But I Can CHANGE D World. I Dont Have Books In Hands But I Have Revolutionry Ideas In Mind. I'm D Rarest Race On Earth, Meet Me I'm Youth Of Pakistan Happy Pakistan Day :)

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Height of being Hygienic:

Height of being Hygienic:

A Computer Science student washing his hands with Dettol

after removing a Virus from his System ;)

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Chand to tum ho hi,

Kash tumhare chere pe chicken-pox ke daag hote, . . . chand to tum ho hi, sitaray bhi saath hote!!

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True bravery is to arrive home

True bravery is to arrive home … fully drunk.. a late night out.. and mom waiting with a jharu in hand and you ask “hey mom, abhi tak jaag rahi ho.”

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My Dear Brothers n Sisters :-)

In a school function A K.G boy started closing his ears with both hands, when girl was about to start her speech Others asked him Why r you closing your ears? He replied: Dude, She is my Girlfriend n She is gonna start her speech with . . . . . . My Dear Brothers n Sisters :-)

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If you want to see

"If you want to see how much rich you are,Don't count your money. Just drop your tears & see how many hands are there to catch them"

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Ajj Halki Halki Barish hai Ajj Sard Hawa ka Raqs bhi hai.. Ajj Phol bhi Nikhry hain Ajj un main tera Aks bhi hai Ajj Badal Kally Gahry hain Ajj chand pe lakhon pahry hain Khush tukre tare yadoon k Bari dair say dil main thary hain Ajj Yadain uljhi uljhi hain Ajj taar yeh dil k sulge hain Ajj yaad bohat tum aye ho... "AJJ YAAD BOHAT TUM AYE HO"

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dukh dard k maron say

dukh dard k maron say mera zikr mat karna
ghar jao tu yaro se mera zikar mat karna
wo zabt na kar payengay ankhon k samndur
tum rah guzaron say mera zikar mat karna
pholon k nasheman mein raha hun sada say
dekho kabhi khazaroon say mera zikar mat karna
shayed yeh andheray he mujhay rah dikhein
ab chand sitaron say mera zikar mat karna
wo meri kahani ko ghalat rang na dey dein
afsana nigaron say mera zikar mat karna
shaid wo meray haal pey besakhta rodein
is bar baharon say mera zikar mat karna
lay jayngay gehrai mein tum ko baha kar
darya k kinaron say mera zikar mat karna
who shaks milay tu ussay har bat bata dena
tum sirf esharon say mera zikar mat karna

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The Most Difficult Lesson

The Most Difficult Lesson
To Larn In Life Is.....

Which Hand U Hold For
Ur Life Time.....


Which One To Break Off....

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Best cosmatic for the

Best cosmatic for the lips is truth,

For the voice is prayer,

For the eyes is pity,

For the hands is charity,


For the heart is care........ :->

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Put your hand on

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That''s relativity. --Albert Einstein

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aik hathi nay chand

aik hathi nay chand chuntiyon ko chaltay chaltay kuchal k mar dya ghalti say.ab chyuntion n us hathi say badla lyne ka plan bnaya.plan.jab hathi ither say guzray ga to us ko tree k uper say jump laga k mar day gay."sab chyuntiyan tree p char hi rahi the k hathi uther say guzarnay laga.1 kamzor si chunti charhatay hue us p pehlay hi gir gaye.peechay say us ki sathi chuntion nay awaz lagaye."PHEY DAY SU PHAY DAY SU

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If two friends ask

If two friends ask you to judge a dispute, don''t accept, because you will lose one friend; on the other hand, if two strangers come with the same request, accept because you will gain one friend......

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