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Three Magical Words

Magical Words
Of Life:
Don''t Use
These Words To Three Persons:

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Dua Karte Hai Hum Sar

Dua Karte Hai Hum Sar Jhukaye, Aye Dost Aap Apni Manzil Ko Paye,
Ager Kabhi Teri Raho Main Andhera Aaye,
To Roshni Ke Lyie Khuda Humko Jalaye,,
Happey Friendship.!

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Gem Notes For Women

Gem Notes For Women

1.If A Man Wants U,Nothing Can keep him away . If He Does''nt want You, Nothing Can Make Him Stay

2.Never Let a MAn Know Everything He Will Use it Against You Some Day.

3.Have Your owen Set of Friends Seprate From His ..Get ur Time With ur Friends To relax & Unwind.

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A Good Way To

A Good Way To Differentiate Love And Friendship:

"Without U I Can''t Live"- Is Love.

"U Must Live, I M With U" -This Is Frndship

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Friendship Is What

Friendship Is What I Offered To U..
Peace Is What
I Pray For U. Happiness Is What I Wish For U..
But Rememberance
Is Whti Expect
Frm U

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3 Magical Words

3 Magical Words
Of Life:
2.Thank U

Don''t Use
Dis Words To 3 Persons:

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Taking Sips Of Coffee

Taking Sips Of Coffee

Lying In Cozy Bed With
Blanket Around

Reading Novel Or
Watching Movie

Long Gossips With
Friends !

Rain Wid Soft Muzik

Long Walk On
Sea Shore At Night
With A Cyp Of Tea
In Hand

All U Can Enjoy
It''s WINTER Again !!

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Evry1 Has His Hands

Evry1 Has His Hands
In Gloves & Tht Gloves
r In His Pockets


I Wid My Cold Hands
Trying 2 Compose A
Msg & Wana Tell U
Winter Can''t Stop Our

173 chars (2 sms)

The first gush of chilly

The first gush of chilly winds!

The familiar anticipation of long walks!

cold nose, numb feet, warm breaths!

The fog!

The vermillion tree leaves!
Oranges, Coffee, Friends!

"The best is yet to come"

Thats the message winters bear..

So make lasting memories..!

Happy January !

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The Sweetest Souls

The Sweetest Souls

In You
Are Your

They Are Your

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3 Things In Life

3 Things In Life
Never Come Back ..

3 Things In Life
Are Never Sure

3 Things In Life
That Make U A
Great Person
Hard work

3 Things In Life
Are Most Valuable
Self Respect
Friends ... !!!

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Did Any1 Ever

Did Any1 Ever Tell
U Just How Special
U r !

The Light Th8 U Emit
Mi8e Even A Light
Star !

Did Any1 Ever Tell
U How Important U
Make Others Feel !

Somebody Out Here Is
:)ing Because Of
Something U Said Or
Did !

Did Any1 Ever Tell
U Just How Much
They Like U !!

Life ... Surely Is
Joyful With

333 chars (3 sms)

BeCaUsE oF yOu

BeCaUsE oF yOu !
I bElIeVe In Me
YoU''vE bRoUgHt,
A lIgHt InTo Me
BeCaUsE oF yOu !
My HeArT nO lOnGeR
yOu TaUgHt Me HoW
tO lOvE n To Be LoVeD
BeCaUsE oF yOu !
I m No LoNgEr ScArEd
I fEeL bRaNd NeW
eAcH dAy, As I gO
tHrOuGh EaCh HoUr
BeCaUsE oF yOu !
I''vE nO dOuBtS
yOuR fRiEnDsHiP gUiDeS
mE iN aLl Go ThRoUgH
ThNx It''S aLl BeCaUsE
oF yOu .. :)

370 chars (3 sms)


While I m lying in bed I
think about U
I know how V all r
growing up
Struggling to make
a place in the ''big big
How 1 day V r gonna
get busy wid Our lives
I just want U to know
I m scared to lose U, I
don''t want U to
I want U to be around
I want U to stay beside
I want U to make me
laugh n smile 4ever
just like U''ve always
U''ll remain special to me
4ever n ever n U r 1
of those Friends I
won''t ever 4get (=

480 chars (3 sms)

May the magic

May the magic of dis EID bring lots of happiness in ur life
& may u celebrate it wid all ur close friends & may it fill ur
HEART wid wonders. EID MUBARAK

156 chars (1 sms)

,,GO 000000 2989 aa dil aankhain Adalt Adhi Raat Adult ali baba Alone anniversary ansoo apno Apology April fool asad asif Atish attitude badnam badsha baniye bardey barish beer believe bewafaye bewafi bhaga Bhai bharosa bhutto bivi boys business chale chand cheap choose Choot CHUT come back congratulation cool daru Defence day Devil dhund dil dil pakistan disturbing doori dorian Doste elephant enjoy evening Facebook Faiz fanaa Faraz faraz in arabic faryad father fever flower Friday friend friendship funn Funny gaana galib galti gand Ganday sms Gandi gandy gareeb gay sms General Knowledge Ghalib girl Girls golden golden words good night gunde hair happy ending hard work hazrat ali heart hijar hijran hindi HONTO I love you If You Really Love Someone Arrange ignore insan inteha islam jaat janaza jannat jawab jism jungle ka badshah Jutt kafan kanjoos kare khali hathon ko kabi gor se dekha hai Khata kissing Laut aao Love sms lover lund Marna marne Masrof masroof ho miss you mohabbat Momin Mout muhbat mujrim my home Namaaz namaz natural nature new year sms november pakistan parda pathan phool Polution prayer punjabi sms qasmain rainy day raja Ramzan reason reply rishty saba sach Sacha pyar Sagar Sali sardi SAWAL scenery Sehri shadi shaq shetan shia signature sindhi so gaye songs submit success suhagrat Sunday Sweet ghazal takat takrar talash talent teachers tear Tera Chehra Tere Chehra Thanks tinda trust udas urdo Urdu ustad usy kehna veena malik vote Waqar waqt wedding winter wishing Yaadain YE WATAN your heart was frozen zardari Zindagi
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