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e.g. faraz, sardar, etc.

Ans these Question if

Ans these Question if Anyone of is Intelligent.

Q1: One egg boiled in 3 minutes,
How much time it''ll take to boil 12 eggs?

Q2: How may times 5 can be Subtract form 25?

Q3: Six politicians Meet and each Shakes the Hand of the others.
How many Handshakes are Exchanged?


1. 3 Mins
2. Only One Time
3. 30

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''SINDHI hone ki mushkilaat..

bhri dunya me jee nahi lagta..

ki goddh bhi kesi nasheeli h..

bari tabdeeliyan aagai

hai nisf e shub wo

koi samjhe tu aik baat kahoo..

Apnay mizaj se main !

Chahay janay ki

kitni mushkil se kati


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