Manto Will be Screened at World Famous Universities in US

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Sarmad Khusat is the man behind the grand Pakistani Film Manto, which is basically a biopic of Manto by himself. The film recieved huge appreciation by the people of Pakistan. The film has shown the life of Manto the famous story writer. The film also includes some of his famous short stories which showed his true expression of writing. Sarmad has taken Manto to Washington DC South Asian Film Festival and now he is ready to take these movies World famous Universities in US including Yale, Harvard, University of California and Columbia.
Manto Will be Screened at World Famous Universities in US
Sarmad would also be there to answer the questions of the audiences, this year it the trend of Pakistani films and industry are changing. Pakistani movies are reaching International markets people around the world have started appreciating Pakistani cinema and creative people like Sarmad are earning good name for Pakistani Entertainment industry.  We really wish best of luck to Sarmad and hope that such projects will keep coming and make Pakistani industry renown across the globe.
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