Fasting and feasting: Weight Control vs Samosay, Pakoray and Dahi Baray

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So who can stop himself or herself if tasty Samosay, crispy Pakoray, and spicy Dahi Baray are put on the Iftaar table and the fast is broken after 15 long hours with extreme hunger.

Hardly anyone! Because it's difficult for a majority and impossible for big number of people controlling themselves on the table of Iftaar. And why they need to control themselves, it is not a sin or illegal but a right and necessity of everyone to break fast with good meal whatever available.

And if we can't do Iftaar properly how can we manage to offer Namaz-e-Taraweeh and keep fast on next day. We need it definitely for maintaining our energy levels and health. And top of all, Islam does not stop it.

What happen on the table of Iftaar?
People get lazy after keeping fast of 15 hour become energetic amazingly as soon as food is arranged on the table.

The aroma of food fills a power in the body that becomes charged up for eating plenty of delicious dishes in the span of few minutes.

Eyes never stop watching all dishes and the mind decides already what to eat first and what next.

What are you weighting for? The siren and voice of Azaan, which seem taking too much time even though one second converts into one minute and sometime it becomes equal to an hour.

Here the voice of Azaan comes, and people forget everything besides Iftaar and multiple dishes' menu.

No device can measure the speed of the people how they eat food and clean the table full of dishes in few minutes. What people eat and taste hardly know but loading their stomach with all available foods. In addition to different types of there a lots of things for quenching thrust including fresh juice, soft drink, laasi and etc,.

Some people eat very fast, some comparatively slow whereas some people keep eating and eating without any care. This is not at all. People feel empty their stomach in next few hours and then they feel hunger again, after all, fast is too long.

The eating habit of significant people is uncontrolled so the question is how much they can achieve from fasting.

In Ramadan, People are observed often advising each others (mostly overweight and fat) to fast complete on month and reduce your weight significantly up to the level of slim. But neither they reduce their weight nor control but sometime they put on more fat in the month of fast.

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