Stressful jobs increase the risk of heart problems by 70% in women

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If you are a lady with stressful job then it is time to take care of your stress as it can have severe consequences on your health.

A research has found that women with stressful jobs are 70 percent more likely to have a heart attack and 40 percent more likely to have other cardiovascular traumas like strokes than normal women.

Dr. Michelle Albert, author of the study and a professor in cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says, “Everybody has stress. Our bodies are built to deal appropriately with appropriate stress. But here what we’re talking about is when the body’s adaptive capacities are overwhelmed and can no longer adapt.”

Albert and team took data from more than 22000 women over 10 years. All these women answered various questions related to their work stress. All the answers were then divided into four different categories. And the category containing “active” and “high strain” women showed more tendency of heart attack and other vascular problems. The study was published online in the journal PLoS ONE.

This study is first one to focus on the job stress and its impact on heart health of women specifically. Albert further added, “[Studies in] men, for the most part, don’t show that active-strain group has elevated cardiovascular risk.”

Some limitation of the study is that it ignores one of the major reasons of high stress in women i.e. they try to balance between their family life and professional life which is not the case with men. And secondly, most participants of this study were white.

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