How To Lighten Dark Lips With Home Remedies

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There are many people who find the trouble in facing the dark lips and they are always looking for some of the best home remedies that can slow down their darken lips. Some of the women even apply greater amount of lipstick colors and that too in dark colors so that they can hide their dark lips but that is not the just solution! Following are few of the best home made remedies that can help you out in lightening the dark lips just by sitting at home.
How To Lighten Dark Lips With Home Remedies
Tips To Lighten Dark Lips With Home Remedies:
1. You should drink maximum amount of water. Use of water will going to keep the skin hydrated that will going to affect the lips as well.
2. If you have dry and dark lips then you should make the use of a lip balm handy.
3. You should exfoliate your lips daily. You can take some amount of powdered sugar, add lemon juice and scrub and apply it over the lips. You can even make the use a baby tooth brush to scrub your lips gently. This will going to help you in getting rid from the dead cells.
4. You should apply the pure coconut oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice on your lips daily. Just carry out its massage for some minutes and wash off.
5. You can even make the use of applying the lip balm with a minimum SPF of 15. Most of the time the sun exposure can darken your lips as well.
6. You can make the use of applying the Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice that are known as excellent for lightening the color of your lips.
7. You can take some red rose petals and grind them into a paste. Just apply it over the lips for 15 minutes daily. This is one of the simple tips for treating dark lips.
8. You can even make the use of coconut water, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Just massage it over the lips for a few minutes and wash off.
So try these above mentioned homemade remedies right now and get rid from the darken lips in just one week!
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