Nose Bleeding in Summer and Its Home Treatment

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Whenever there is bleeding, it indicates that there is a noteworthy medical condition present. Nose bleeding can be caused due to multiple reasons, so one needs to find the root cause of the problem its gets more complicated. Although most of the nosebleeds are no real threat to life, but a substantial amount of agony and concern is caused due to it. Nose bleed can be resorted by a number of ways and most of the remedies can be done at home very easily. Research has revealed that one out of seven people will have the issue of nose bleed. Nosebleeds are normally of two types: anterior (the front portion) nosebleeds, and posterior (the back portion) nosebleeds.
Nose Bleeding in Summer and Its Home Treatment
The common nosebleed out of the two is the anterior nosebleed and occurs more than 90% of all nosebleeds. These nosebleeds are easily controllable and normally treated at home. The lesser common type, the posterior nosebleed, mostly occurs in elders and can require hospitalization to prevent the loss of blood. One of the reasons for nosebleeds is the nerves getting burst due to extreme temperatures in summers as well as winters. Among the best remedies for nosebleeds one is putting one or two drops of lemon juice in the nostrils which is bleeding. Another effective method of handling nosebleed is applying ice on the exterior side of the nose. Because of the ease, this is the most commonly used remedy. Applying a ball of cotton dipped in solution of apple cider solution to the nosebleed is another option of home remedy. It would allow the bleeding to stop as it helps in thickening of blood.
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