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A Striking Hybrid Smart Band for Smart Living
Talkband B2 has been recently launched by Huawei for those who prefer to have carefree, smart living. This wrist born band has multiple ways of serving the users, it can be your Fitness tracker, Bluetooth device, Sleep Monitor, Camera Remote, Smartphone Tracker etc.
The design of Talkband B2 has been improved quite a lot in both looks and usefulness, as compared to its predecessor B1. Its Premium Design makes it comfortable and easy to wear on daily basis and the elegant fascia makes it undoubtedly eye-catching as well. Talkband B2 is offered in three versions i.e. GOLD (with fine leather strap), Black and Silver (with Rubber strap), the straps are also available in different sizes. 
Huawei Talkband B2
Display and Control:
This device is single button control with very efficient 0.73 inch Touch screen, which exhibits clear figures. The technology bearing part of this Talkband is detachable quite smoothly by pressing two buttons, on the either sides. This Talkband is compatible with Android 4.0 above and IOS 7 and above. The screen shows velar visible notifications and figures; a plus feature is that the screen becomes totally invisible when not in use, making this Band look extra cool, more like a stylish accessory.
B2 as a Bluetooth Device:
This Talkband can be used as Bluetooth device by removing the rectangular part, attaching a rubber part to it, available with the band and adjusting it in your ear. Although this Bluetooth feature would make one feel that he has been taken in time but Huawei has also launched Talkband N1, which offers calling with help of headphones. The rubbery part which helps in making Talkband a Bluetooth device, is not so easy to attach back again, which means that you might lose it easily, so be careful!
B2 as your Fitness Tracker:
Huawei has efficiently applied its manufacturing expertise in making this Talkband water and dust proof, which you can wear it even when sweating due to heavy exercises. As this Band also serves as the best “FITNESS TRACKER”, there are built in 6 AXIS SENSORS, which detects what type of exercise is being done and helps by counting your steps, distance covered and calories burned etc. It can also help as your Sleep Monitor, when hit your bed you just keep this band on and this device while remain while you sleep and will precisely measure the quality and length of your sleep patterns.
B2 as your Phone Locator:
This Talkband can also help you to locate your smartphone, in case you forget where you have put it. Your Talkband has an incredible Phone finding feature which notifies your phone to ring, in such situation, so that you can locate it.
Simple UI and Camera Remote:
The User Interface of Talkband B2 is very easy to comprehend, it presents all the data as circles on the touch screen which continue to fill up as the days go by and can be further broken down into days and months. This device has another catchy feature which makes it more desirable, you can use this Talkband for the purpose of capturing pictures through your smart phone’s camera, with which you have synced this Talkband. You can capture great Selfies, Groufies and Long Exposure Shots which require your camera to be perfectly still 
Battery Life:
The Battery of Talkband is of 95 mAh, which charges with the help of a built-in micro USB, in almost one and a half hour. The Stand by time of Talkband B2, if Bluetooth is not used, is 12 days and with normal usage its 5 days with 6 Hours On calls.
Huawei has devised this Talkband to help make its user’s daily routine smart and full of ease and comfort. You can attach this band with your smart phones, which have EMUI 2.3 above, and receive your notifications e.g. alarms, reminders etc on it. You can also unlock your Talkband by simply dragging it near the smart phone and tapping the power button (feature currently available with P8 and P8 Max only).
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