10 Reasons Imran Divorced Reham Khan

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Every anchor, journalist, columnist, and reporter has his or her own reason why Imran Khan kicked Reham out of his life just after 10 months of marrying her. These reasons range from plausible to the weirdest ones. I have compiled top 10 reasons Imran divorced Reham Khan from the saner sources.
10 Reasons Imran Divorced Reham Khan
1) Reham was way too ambitious for Imran.
2) Reham was not just interfering but was controlling the life of Imran Khan in every sense. He felt as he couldn’t even breath without her will.
3) Reham threw beloved pet dogs of Imran out of the bedroom and lounge and shifted them to the outer room and didn’t budge even when Imran pleaded with her numerous times.
4) Reham’s near and far relatives used to visit the Bani Gala palace on daily basis and were using the residence as some sort of hotels. Her relatives brought their friends too to meet Khan.
5) Many times Reham scolded female fans and followers of Imran for requesting selfies and for getting frank.
6) Reham was very jealous of Jemima, the former wife of Imran. She often fought with Imran over Imran’s very close and mysterious relationship with Jemima. Reham was particularly ill at ease as why Imran stayed with Jemima at her house when he went to meet his sons.
7) Reham was taking money from Faisal Vawda, Aleem Khan and Jehangir Tareen in the name of making her Pashto movie, charity work and other expenses.
8) Reham was stealing limelight from Imran Khan in the news. Media was getting too focused on Reham’s dress and happenings than the Khan.
9) Reham was a security risk according to former ISI chief Shuja Pasha and Hamid Gul and Imran started to listen to them and believing them.
10) Last but not least, Imran simply got fed up of her aggressive, demanding, commanding and non-pliant attitude.
So it was not one reason but a plethora of reasons which occurred over a period of time and then it was too much for the Imran Khan, whose reason to exist now is to become Prime Minister and Reham Khan was becoming an obstacle.
Blog post Written by Sameer Shaharyar and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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