Pervaiz Khattak Threatening Punjab

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Imran Khan must give explanation about the threats being hurled by his party’s chief minister in KPK. Imran Khan lives in Punjab, asks votes in Punjab, places his assets in Punjab and when it comes to dirty politics, he let his sidekicks threaten Punjab? We have seen parties like ANP threatening the Pakistan, federation and Punjab whenever something doesn’t happen according to their whims. Now PTI has started traversing the same route. PTI is just trying to twist the arms of PMLN government by these nefarious tactics. They are not shying away from fanning the provincial and ethnic differences just to follow their dark agenda. Pervaiz Khattak says that Punjab is stealing their electricity. That’s a blatant lie. 
Pervaiz Khattak Threatening Punjab
Punjab is generating its own and paying back all the dues plus more after getting power from KPK. Punjab dishes out wheat, rice, cotton and various other commodities to KPK on discount rates and payments are still pending from other side. Never once we have heard Shahbaz Sharif mentioning that. People from KPK come to Punjab and Karachi for jobs, businesses and education and they never experience any difference and yet politicians like Khattak abuse Punjab. This cannot go on. Imran Khan must fire his CM and distance himself from these damaging statements. This is against patriotism and against the federation. If any province has genuine issues, it’s Balochistan which are also being addressed and more needs to be done there. KPK is fine and its just the mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption of PTI which has made thing worst there.
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