PCB on Long Vacation

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No astonishing result from Pakistan Cricket Team in t20 World Cup. Time to think if we need to play cricket any more. We must drop off all the players from the team and send PCB authorities on long vacation without salary. All the rubbish players must be sent home with a ban of 10 years of playing any sort of cricket in land or abroad. We must allocate PCB funds on raising new schools in rural areas or eradicating poverty. That would be money well spent and we would at least get some result. If even we don’t get any result for it, at least some poor people would be happy.
PCB on Long Vacation
Cricket grounds may be used for pay ground of near by schools. Just rubbish in all fields of play, bowling, batting, fielding, sportsmanship, team work and lots of other stuff. Let’s build the Cricket from scratch up in the country. We need new talent, fresh talent and that is only possible if the current old goats are thrown out from team, board and other administration looking after the Cricket. Present government should play its role and that would be good for their popularity too.
Blog post Written by Farid Masood and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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