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Today I am trying to write in a different style then my other contemporaries. I am one of those persons who really care about Pakistan. If we only talks about negative things then it will definitely create a bad image of our country in the whole world.
So before writing anything we first have to look it from all aspects. Before talking about the solutions and the root causes of the problems we first have to diagnose that what is our problem and determine the severity of that problem as well.
Our basic problem is continuous terrorist attacks in our country. It has totally spoiled the law and order of our country. The saddest thing is that nobody is willing to take the responsibility of the current scenario and eliminate the problems that Pakistan is facing.
Everyone is enjoying the high paid salaries the limitless power and bulk of different facilities but no one is willing to do justice with its position and no one is willing to serve Pakistan with the best of its abilities.
The basic root cause of these terrorist attacks is the most foolish step taken by former president Musharraf to stuck Pakistan in this endless American war. Before 2001 there was not a single suicide attack in Pakistan and now we all are eye witness of the current scenario. It is completely an American war.
Let me say this that the AL-QAEDA and the Taliban are ideologically against the Iran then why there is more peace in Iran than Pakistan. It is because there is a general concept that the government of Iran is not a pro-American. In fact they are totally against the pro-American policies. On the other hand what we see in our country is totally opposite. We are having the pro-American government.
That type of Pro-American government who don’t really bother about the feelings of the people. That is unable to implement the Resolution of the Parliament.
The government which says that we will not let Taliban to violate the sovereignty of our country but whenever the sovereignty of our country is violated by the Americans however in the shape of the case of Raymond Davis or in the shape of drone strikes they always warmly welcome it.
When American have sent their forces in Afghanistan only 40% of Afghanistan was under the control of the Taliban but now after almost 10 years the 80% of Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban.
According to Albert Einstein, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is called Madness”. So Americans are doing madness and we have also now become a part of their madness.
I want to ask a question to my all young readers that God forbid one day you came home and found that your entire family have been dead by a American drone or your mother, father, brother, sister anyone of them have been able to survived but he is in that kind of condition the he is begging for his death.
I want to hear your answer that after passing through this type of scenario what would you do??? This is the scenario that can lead anyone to be an extremist (anti-American) and would persuade to harm America at any cost. As Pakistan just for the sake of dollars became a partner of America in this war they attack Pakistan as they believe that Pakistan is equally responsible for the death of their family.
Do we are really a sovereign nation? Shouldn’t we suppose to change our policies? Can these types of politicians drive our country towards peace, prosperity???
No in fact they even don’t care about our emotions and our feelings. They don’t even bother to appear in front of the public to condemn the things we only see their names in the bottom slides of the news channels. Is this the ideal Pakistan?
Are we really satisfied with the current scenario of our country or do we got guts to change it? The basic thing is the realization of the fact that we are on the wrong track and we really have to correct our direction.
If we do realize that we are not satisfied with the condition of our country and we want to change it then we must show it. My only hope is the revolutionary youth of this country which have the potential to conquer the whole world. It is the time to write our destiny with our own hands.
Show the world that we are not the slave of anyone. We are the best and we will show it by strengthen our dear homeland Pakistan. Long live Pakistan.
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