How can stop sweating so much

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It is really disturbing to have excess sweating which looks ridiculous and embarrassing while having a long handshake with wet hands. Around 5% of people around the world are suffering from this problem of excessive sweating which is known as hydrosphere in scientific language. Apart from underarms, several other areas can also be badly affected with these overactive sweat glands including groin, chest, back and face. We can’t do anything about hormones, heat intensity and humidity but you can reduce your sweating by doing few possible things. It is very difficult to solve the problem with regular perfume if you are sweating the whole day. In this case, you should try a clinical grade or other strong antiperspirant with aluminum chloride that throws the sweat back in the body after blocking the glands. This helps to prevent armpit stains.
How can stop sweating so much
Lightweight and seasonal fabrics like linen should be your choice while dressing as it prevents overheating of skin by providing it space to breath. You can also prevent underarm marks reach the surface by wearing a t shirt under your shirt. Most of the people get extra sweat in conditions like exercise but if it is not the case then it could be your diet that is causing the problem. Spices and caffeine activate the nervous system very quickly and you have to avoid them in order to stay in function. If the sweating condition is severe then signals from brain to increase sweating can be blocked by using Botox injections. But if you don’t want to harm your glands then you can greet the people you meet with bow but this can also look more awkward than shaking with wet hands.
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