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Here are some amazing Tips To Put Mehndi. Mehndi is considered as one of the very old traditions of celebration joy and happiness in the Sub-continent and Asian countries. It is considered as the essential component of the functions like weddings and religious festivals. Women and especially the girls have immense craze for this particular constituent of the celebration, but the charm decreases and disappointment prevails when the respective color of the Mehndi does not appear as the individual have desired for. Everyone wants to have a great dark color of the Mehndi but due to several reasons the desired color is obtained. So for the respective purposes here are few tips to put Mehndi so basic objective can be achieved.

Before putting the Mehndi it is very important to wash the skin of the particular part so that all the dirt and dust should be removed for the surface of the skin otherwise the color and the stain will not last for long. Make this thing sure too that the skin is free from grease and moisture too. Don’t apply any cream or the oils on the skin before making the Mehndi patterns because it will block the pores of the skin which will not let the paste and the sati to get stick in to them which will ultimately results in dull and short lasting color and stain. Make pattern from the Mehndi cone, the best manner to apply cone is to hold the cone just like a pen and don’t press it vigorously. If the Mehndi is not being coming out smoothly than do check the exit point of the cone. Press the cone smoothly and then create patterns and designs on the skin. For much better designs one should try to have any magazine or book form which it should be copied so that good attractive design can be made. After making the desired pattern there are several traditional tips which can enable you to obtain the best possible color for that Mehndi.

When the Mehndi is been applied on the skin than soak cotton swab into the lemon juice and sugar syrup and then blob it moderately and softly over the pattern. Make sure that you don’t rub is so roughly that it disturbs the pattern of Mehndi. The first objective behind this action is to have a darker and long lasting tinged and color and the other is to keep the paste lubricated and moisturized which will not let it get dry very quickly. After the process leave the paste to remain on the skin for at least 6 to 7 hours before scrapping. To obtain a long lasting color avoid the unnecessary rubbing of hand and exposure in the water even after the removing of the paste.  Through this enjoy the long lasting color and the tint of Mehndi.  So, Tips To Put Mehndi are concluded as. Must read and apply them when you need to Put Mehndi.

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