When doctors become professional killers

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‘Illiterate’ Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz has once again started doing politics on the bodies of patients who died due to strike of greedy young doctors.

He came up with a ‘great idea’ of arresting Shahbaz Sharif and sending him to Kot Lakhpat Jail, to get rid of the critical situation. It is to mention here that PPP governor Latif Khosa had earlier supported doctors’ strike.

At the time when at least 13 people, including innocent children have died due to doctors’ apathy and their greediness, Deputy Prime Minister and Q-League leader Pervez Elahi also gave the protesting doctors pat on the back and never bothered to say a word of sympathy to his voters, who had been losing lives in hospitals and paying the cost of voting them (Q-League) to power.

Perhaps, the greedy young doctors have went blind and cannot see patients dying just because the selfish medics have not been awarded cars, residences and other luxuries by the government.

The doctors have lost their credibility and respect in the society and they had better leave the profession and make money through other means.

I think they would prefer to be Professorial Killers, who callously kill people like the Young Doctor’s and got money more than doctors have been demanding.

Blog post Written by Abdul Hafeez and You can visit the original article at http://www.thenewstribe.com

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