Natural and herbal hair care treatment

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Haircare is a term applied for the hygiene and cosmetology involving the care of hairs on the human head. It differs according to one’s hair type . Genetics and health are very important factors for healthy hairs. Proper nutrition also plays its role in treatment of hairs. The health of hair is greatly enhanced by natural and herbal techniques to make one’s hair more beautiful and glowing hair is the most prominent part of our image to the world, so , people are very conscious about the health of hairs.

Natural and herbal hair care treatment

There are several natural remedies for hair treatment and for any kind of problem regarding hair whether it is hair fall , dandruff , oily hair , thin hairs, frizzy hairs etc.

1. OILS: there are actually natural moisturizers including olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and baby oil which moisturizes and nourishes hair from the roots. For very dry hair heat the oil in a fry pan for a little time and apply it to the hairs this will be very effective conditioner for dry hairs.
2. EGG WHITES: egg whites are used to give hairs a shiny appearance. To apply egg white egg yolk should be separated from the egg white as egg yolk makes your hair smell. Apply to your hair and leave it for 5 min then wash.
3. HENNA: it’s a rich protein hair treatment, used to dye hairs and give them a darker shade, its easily available and widely used herb.
Natural and herbal hair care treatment
4. HE SHOU WO: its used against hair loss to prevent baldness, its and ancient Chinese herb obtained from tea and capsule form
5. ALGEA EXTRACTS, SEAWEEDS, AND SEA VEGETABLES : its used as a healer for a damaged scalp and makes hair growth healthy and give shine to the hairs.
6. CINNAMON: its also used for healthy hair growth , and make hair soft and shinny. It’s used as a paste with honey and olive oil and should be applied for 15 minutes and then should be washed.
7. YOGURT: yogurt is another natural remedy for healthy shiny hairs, for better results should be applied with oil.
Please note that this information regarding herbal and natural hair treatment is not suitable for every hair type, you must consult your physician before applying any treatment.
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