Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Tea

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In this world, tea is considered to be the best consumed drink after water. In the past few years, tea is getting very popular. Every person would love to drink tea in every season especially in winter season. But many people don’t know that tea has certain disadvantages. This post has been written for those people who want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea. Firstly, we will discuss the main advantages of drinking tea.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Tea

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Tea
1) The most important advantage of drinking tea is that tea has less amount of caffeine as compared to coffee. This is considered to be very important advantage that people get from drinking tea.

2) The second advantage of drinking tea is that it is very helpful for reducing the stress and it has various health benefits. The reason is that tea has very soothing effect and it helps to reduce the stressful feelings. Moreover, tea is very helpful for fighting against different diseases like heart disease, cancer etc.

3) Lastly, tea has various antioxidants that can cleanse the human body from unwanted substances.

On the other hand, tea has certain disadvantages. Many people don’t know that like coffee, tea also has disadvantages. The main coffee disadvantages are as follows:

1) The most important disadvantage of drinking tea is that too much of the beverage brings the chance of gastric ulcers. Person should remember that tea has lesser amount of caffeine than coffee.

2) Another disadvantage of drinking tea is that tea has tannic acid. If person drink tea is the maximum quantity then he may experience the problem of iron deficiency and anemia. It is advisable that person should consume tea almost an hour after he has eaten meal.

3) Lastly, if person consume too much tea then he may experience different diseases like kidney disease and liver disease.

So these are considered to be important advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea. It is advisable that if person wants to drink tea in a larger quantity he should consult to the doctor.

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