In Realpolitik Imran Khan Fails in KPK

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In future now it will be very hard for Imran Khan to weave a coalition with any other party to form a government or any pressure bloc. The practical and pragmatic politics on the ground level doesn’t go well with the morals and ethics, the world over. Even in developed, shining, and ancient democracies in the world, in coalition, the leading party overlooks many things to maintain the equilibrium of power. It’s not about right or wrong. Its about pragmatism. Politics and ethics are two different things. You have to twist the things to make them adaptable to the current affairs. Imran Khan himself has done it over the last couple of years by joining hands with Sheikh Rasheed, welcoming known criminals and turncoats in his party, and allowing his party stalwarts to get bribes before awarding the party tickets during the elections.
In Realpolitik Imran Khan Fails in KPK
Morally and ethically, its a good thing that Imran Khan fired three of government ministers and also have parted with the QWP of Sherpao. Good for the talk shows, exclusive interviews and may be good for his inflexible stance. But there is lots there which is unanswered. He only fired one of his minister not really because of corruption but because he had fake degree and was proved to be fraud in courts. So does it mean that all the PTI ministers are angels? Imran Khan has also given certificate of good character to the Jamat-e-Islami ministers. This is far from truth. One PTI minister from the Oogi Darband area is chronic timber smuggler. KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak is also a known character with many skeletons rattling in his cupboard. PTI speaker Asad Qaiser is no angel at all.
And there are stories about many other PTI ministers. Performance of any of them is next to nil. But its just been four months, so we will keep the performance gauging at rest for now. In my opinion, more than corruption it’s Imran Khan’s bid to achieve political martyrdom in KPK to have some moral and ethical edge in the eyes of public. He clearly doesn’t know about public, neither he seems to have any idea about the local politics. No party in future, small or big, would jump to go into the coalition with the Imran Khan. Without the small time parties like JUI-F, independents, and others its hard to form and sustain government even with simple majority. And there is no chance in near or far future that Imran Khan would be able to get simple majority from all four provinces in any elections. With no simple majority and with no prospects of coalition, Imran Khan has perhaps nailed his own fate as small time party which maximum can get a rule in province, even that seems hard now.
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