Buksh Foundation to “Light a Million Lives” in Myanmar

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Buksh Foundation will represent its Lighting a Million Lives project in Myanmar in response to an invitation from Myanmar Government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Government of Myanmar and Asian Development Bank have invited Buksh Foundation to Myanmar for introducing the “Lighting a Million Lives project” and shed light on the initiatives the Foundation has taken to affect daily life activities of people living in urban and rural areas of Pakistan. Ms. Fiza Farhan, CEO of Buksh Foundation will participate at the Myanmar International Investors Forum to highlight opportunities and identify barriers to government representatives, investors and donors. This group works with the development sector to provide sustainable energy solutions and to overcome electricity shortages in Myanmar.
Buksh Foundation to “Light a Million Lives” in Myanmar
Mr. Asim Buksh, Chairman Buksh Energy said. “We will participate in the forum and outline steps by which the government of Myanmar will be able to establish an attractive environment for private sector investments, thus, highlighting our best practice in Asia and sharing it with ADB and Myanmar’s government for implementation.” Fiza will also represent Buksh Energy, (sister company of Buksh Group) at the Forum to share the company’s turnkey solar project including Solar Water filtration Plants, Solar Mobile Charging Station, Solar Tube Wells and ATMs, installed for facilitating off grid areas of the country. Buksh foundation and Buksh Energy’s turnkey business models are providing renewable energy solutions to the micro and meso clients coupled with energy conservation and enterprise development. These practices are ideal for countries facing huge electricity shortages like Myanmar. Myanmar’s terrain makes grid expansion expensive and challenging, keeping millions of families in the dark. Only 30% of the country is connected to the national grid whereas, the rest is dependent on candle light, as a source of energy. The country sees the Forum as a hope for providing sustainable energy solutions.
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