Irene Perveen

Name Irene Perveen
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 1940
Place of Birth
Famous For Singer

Irene Perveen, Singers is famous for Singer, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 1940

Amidst the constellation of Lollywood, once entered a girl with a schoolgirl’s voice. She sang merrily and won the day. The senior artistes appreciated her songs, and she was inducted into the starry constellation with all her songs. This smiling, young crooner, who adjusted so easily and naturally to the film fraternity, was Irene Parveen. The charming singer sang many a fine numbers during her tenure and despite vocal limitations; she had hits that she can still boast about. Irene was an all-purpose singer. She could be inducted into any situation in the film, and she would oblige with a nice little number for that particular mood. Indeed, some of the numbers she has sung in the films are still praised highly.
Amongst such songs, one can name songs like Bhool Na Jana Ja Ke Des Paraey from Shabab Kiranvi’s Insaniyat and Tum Hee Ho Mehboob Mere from Shahab’s another film, Aaina. Following, basically, in the footsteps of her senior Kausar Parveen, it was Irene’s own talents and self-determination that made such a lot of impact on the cinema so quickly.
Irene Parveen was later the wife of Cecil Samuel, a man from a prominent Peshawari family. She sang many hit songs for the films, and made much impact in the East Pakistani Industry too. She sang a most beautiful number in Akhri Station, picturized on Shabnam, who played a pagal girl, who loiters on the station. It was phrased Phir Aaj Koee Tara Toota, and needed all the versatility of the music director, Khan Ataur Rehman. Similarly, Irene sang a truly melodious and melancholic number, Ab To Bujha Do Shama, Ab Kaun Aaeyga Yahan, in Bahana, which was also a hit in those days.
Later, Irene was in much demand in the West Pakistani industry, with songs like Chashm-e-Ma Roshan Dill-e-ma-Shad (Josh-e-Inteqam), Chaman Hans Diyay Raaste Muskuraey (with Mala, In Taj Aur Talwar), Shreer Kaheen Ke (Dastan), Meri Jaan Mere Humsafar Na Ro (Doosri Shadi), Le Lo Churiyan Le Lo (Aadil), Iss Dunya Se Kar Shikwa Na Gila (Chowda Saal) etc.
It was during the 1960s that all the top singers who were to dominate the film industry in the second generation were added. Ahmed Rushdi, Mala, Irene Parveen, Mujeeb Alam, Masood Rana, Mehdi Hasan and others superseded others of their ilk and won the hearts of the filmgoers. Irene had her best days during the 1960s, and won some awards for herself too.

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