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how did you write your exam

Parent:How did you write your exam?

Son:they have given the questions which I don''t know.

So I wrote answers which they don''t know..!!

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jab question paper ho out of contro

Jab Question Paper Ho Out of Control.
Answer Sheet Ko Kar K Fold.

Aero-plane Bana K Bol!
All Will Fail!

Student Kya Jaane Result ka Kya Hoga?
Marks Milengi Ya Zero Pe Tie Hoga?

To Girlfriend Ghuma.
Paise Urra...
Paise Urraa K Bol!

Papa All Is Well!

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a mathmatical question

A mathmatical question!

36 + 30 + 38 =???



no yar

once again

36 + 30 + 38 = Bhabi


Yar apni Sania bhabi. :-)}

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person in toilet hears from adjacent

A person in toilet hears from adjacent toilet
Hi, how r u?
he is embarassed and says doin, just fine...

So what r u up to?
well, just sitting like you....

Can i come over?
No, no i am kinda busy now !!

listen, i have to call u back.
There is an idiot in other toilet who is
answering my questions.. ;->

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