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Message Abhi Baqi Hai Mere Dost..

Message Abhi Baqi Hai Mere Dost.. Boy; I love you tum dunya ki sab sy khobsort larki ho Girl;acha par tumhary pechy mujh sy bhe khobsort larki khari hy Boy; mor k pechy dekhta hy par wahan koi ni hota Girl;agr tum sach mein mujh sy payar karty to tm kabhi pechy na dekhty i hate you Moral Moral woral kuch ni bs bachi zara taiz nikli . . . .. . . . . . . . Par msg abhi baqi hy mery 2st Boy;chalo jese tumhari marzi,magar ab ye diamond ring mai kisko dunga Girl;lo!! ab mai apne janu se mazak bhi ni kar sakti.

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And I Don’t Have To Hate Missing You.

I Wish Someday I Can Spend My All Waking Moments With You And I Don’t Have To Hate Missing You.:(

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shakespear said:
"love or hate me both are in my favour..if u love me i'll always be in ur HEART..if u hate me i'll always be in ur MIND"

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Happy Resolution

I'm A Cheater But I Don't Cheat Humanity. I Hate Study ...But I Luv Technology. I Flirt wid Flirters But I Respect Luvrs. World Cant Change Me But I Can CHANGE D World. I Dont Have Books In Hands But I Have Revolutionry Ideas In Mind. I'm D Rarest Race On Earth, Meet Me I'm Youth Of Pakistan Happy Pakistan Day :)

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I said to God

I said to God that " I Hate Life !! "
God replied "Who asked you to love life?? ........
Just Love me and Life will be beautiful!"

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Fear less hope more

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all the good things are yours.

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Kuch Rishte Upar Wala

Kuch Rishte Upar Wala Banata Hai

Kuch Rishte Log Banatae Hain ..

Par Kuch Log .. Bina Kisi Rishte K Hi Rishte Nibhate Hain

Shayed Wohi Rishte Kehkatay Hain !!!

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We love ourself

We love ourself even after making so many mistakes...

Then how can we hate otherz for their small mistakes??

Strange but true!!!

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You Can Love Me

You Can Love Me

Or Hate Me,

I Swear It Won''t

Make Me


Break Me

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I hate you

I hate you, you hate me, what are we waiting for? Let"s do it.

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Kuch log thodi

Kuch log thodi der karte hain….
Kuch log 2-3 dafa karte hain,
aur kuch saari raat karte rahate hain,
tab jaakar hota hai….
Mobile Charge…!

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Agar Aap Chate Ho K Is

Agar Aap

Chate Ho

K Is


29 Rozy

Hon Or







Uthayen Or





Karen :-)

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love you and i tried

love you
and i tried 3 years but i..
i need sometime to be for real
and i know its killing you
to be without me now
it was bound to happen sometime

i just hate to be the one
to break your heart and tear your world apart
it feels bad but feels good
watching you away from me
i dont wanna hurt yah!
its for our own goodd
i miss you and i love you goodbye..

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Those who can"t

Those who can"t have u hate u,
those who have u can"t handle u,
those who abuse u lose u,
& then there are those like me who just can"t refuse u!

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1 Advice Don’t

1 Advice- Don’t change,
1 request- take care,
1 wish- Don"t forget me,
1 Lie- I hate U,
1 truth- I Miss U,
1 hope- We"ll always be Gud Friends.

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