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Let Love Come To You, Be Patient. In Fairy Tales They Don’t Find Each 0ther Until The Last Page

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A wonderful romance

A wonderful romance……a fairy tale…….
Matching interests and passionate songs…….
Endless talks and common visions………
Dreamy eyes and sleepless nights……..
Amorous hearts and restless minds ……
Engrossed lovers and teaser chums……
An impetuous proposal and a bedazzled yes….
A home of dreams and a castle in sand……
A bunch of promises and a series of vows……
A tidal wave and a gust of wind…..
An angry thunder and a furious storm…..
A misty vision and a shadowed trail…..
A clouded sky and a moonless night…..
A crash in the rocks and a shattered ship……
Two casualties and a zillion audience….

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Love is like a cloud

Love is like a cloud... love is like a dream... love is 1 word and everything in between... love is a fairytale come true... Coz I found love when I found U

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Shortest Fairy

Shortest Fairy Tale In Da World.... ONce upun a time , A Guy Asked a Girl ," Will U Marry me "

She Said " No " & The Guy Lived Happilty Ever After :)

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\ = = = ShOrTeSt FaIrY Ta|e = = = /

\ = = = ShOrTeSt FaIrY Ta|e = = = /

Once A Boy Asked Her Girl Frend :
" Will U Marry Me . . . "

The Girl Said : " NO . . "

Then . . .

They Live . . .

Happy Ever After . . . ;->

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Fairy Tales End With . .

Fairy Tales End With . . .
"They Lived Happily Ever After . . ."


Family Takes Begind With . . .
"They Fought Happily Ever After. . . " ;->

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you filled my dayz w

You Filled My Dayz With Rainbow Lights

Fairy Tales And Sweet Dream Nights

A Kiss To Wipe Away My Tears

Gingerbread To Ease My Fears

You Gave The Gift Of Life To me

And Then In Love You Set Me Free

I Thank You For Your Tender Care

For Deep Warm Hugs And Being There

I Hope When You Think Of Me

A Part Of You

You''ll Alwayz See

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