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Perfect Love Isn''t Receiving,
Its Giving & Forgiving

Perfect Love Isn''t Red Roses On Valentine''s Day,
Its The Rest Of The 364 Days Of Knowing You Love Someone

Perfect Love Is Not Phone Calls & Stolen Kisses,
Its The Silent Smile In Memory Of Your Sweetheart

Perfect Love Isn''t A Grand Wedding,
But Spending A Lifetime Together

Perfect Love Isn''t Fight-kiss & Make-ups,
Its Loving The One Who Annoys The Hell Out Of You

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shded dhoop se samjhota kon ..

Maza da jwand me

Saas Hovay Tay Changi Hovay.

~William Innocent Nargis.

Topona owaha

Sta da yadno so

Biya Ba Na Darzi

and even the emptiness

Dunya ke che wara

A day is going to

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