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Subject : Urdu Quran - SmartPhone Application for Android Users
“Urdu Quran” is a Smartphone application intended for Urdu talking Muslims with a view to make them improved learners the Holy Quran by translating the meaning of its Ayahs into Urdu Language. It also provides users with audio recitation and restating of the original Verses in English to assist users in their acceptable manner of pronunciation.

Download Quran in Urdu for Android

Some of the most distinguishing features of this Islamic app are:
• Urdu Translation: Converting the definite wisdom of Ayats into Urdu lets one easily know about the understanding of their exact meaning.
• Audio Recitation: “Qiraat al Quran in MP3” of all Surahs presents hearer of these sacred Verses with a soulful happiness.
• Transliteration: Rearticulating the blessed lines of Quran Pak in English allows individuals to obtain familiarity with the genuine technique of their expression.
• Language: In addition to Urdu, Quran Translation is also on hand in numerous other languages such as English Spanish, Persian, Italian, Dutch, French, Chinese, , and Indonesian.
• Search Bar: Helps user in finding its chosen Chapter easily.
• Go To: Assists in directly moving to a specific Ayah of divine Surah.
• Bookmarks: Makes app consumers able to save a particular portion of the recitation in order to use it later.
• Stop Signs: All the required silence, stillness and stop signs are also fitted in settings accompanied by their actual importance.
• Sajdahs: 14 prostration events that come in Quran reading are separately declared in Settings.
• Font Size: Makes one able to amend the measurement of the typescript to its affection.
• Font Style: 3 diverse forms of fonts are also incorporated due to which the user interface becomes even more attention-grabbing.

So, download this free of charge and user-friendly application of Urdu Quran containing Urdu translation option so that you can gain knowledge of Quran in most suitable manner.

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Posted on April, 29 2015 12:37:45 PM


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Urdu Quran application is gud i wll deff try this

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Posted on May, 09 2015 12:53:26 AM


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so nice app. thankyou alot for sharing.

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Posted on May, 11 2015 05:36:42 PM

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