Doctors Urge Caution for Diabetics in Ramadan

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There was a seminar organized by Shifa International Hospital (SIH), where doctors urged the diabetics to be careful in maintaining their glucose levels during fasting in the month of Ramadan. Doctors mentioned the important factors to be kept in mind for diabetics who fast in the Holy month of Ramadan. Around 40 to 50 million Muslims with diabetes across the world fast during Ramazan. Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Usama Ishtiaq said diabetics have risk of low blood sugars, very high blood sugars, dehydration and sometimes acidosis (presence of increase acids in the blood) but the risk and condition varies from patient to patient.
Doctors Urge Caution for Diabetics in Ramadan
“Experts have divided patients mostly in three categories based on their diabetes, complications and associated diseases. These categories include very high, moderate and low risks of above mentioned problems. Therefore, we recommend that all diabetics should consult their treating doctors and discuss their risks”
Doctors highlighted the fact that if the sugar level increases or decreases above levels the harm can be a permanent one, so the patients should take care to maintain their sugar level and pay special attention on their diet. Along with diet medicine dose should also be proper and according to their requirement that is different in Ramadan, by any chance or in any case diabetics should not miss Sehri. The religious importance of fasting makes it obligatory for you to fast but special care and measures must be taken to keep you healthy and out of any emergency situation. Prepare for a healthy Ramadan. Keep your loved ones informed about the necessary steps to avoid any such situation.
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