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It is fact that hands reveals the age more than face do. The skin on the back of the hand is extremely thin and sensitive and there’s even a subcutaneous layer of fat to support it. Whereas the skin on the palm is thick and tough. The palm has no sebaceous glands and thus no natural lubrication, so the skin is dry and can be rough. You can face wrinkle problem on hands quite quickly, especially beautiful, long, thin and soft hands become older look early as compare to hard hands. So you need to make them young as early as possible with proper care of your hands.

Daily Care
Your hands are daily exposed to many external influences (sun, cold, soap, etc.). Therefore, use a hand cream every day. Always rinse your hands immediately well after you’ve worked with detergents, dry them and coat them with a nourishing hand cream.

Clammy Hands
Everyone has suffered from damp, sweaty hands, for example, if you’re nervous. That in itself is not so bad, because it usually disappears quickly. But if this is often the case with you, wash your hands frequently with cold water and then coat them with a neutral oil skin containing a few drops of essential oils of menthol, mint or thyme.

Proper Rest
Your hands contain a large number of small parts: muscles, joints and nerves. When you’re working intensely with your hands, for example, the computer puts a lot of press on hand. Take regular rest and relax your hands as much as possible.

Hand Massage
Every night, before bedtime, massage your hands with a cream for a few minutes.

For a rough skin, apply excessive cream and sleep with cotton gloves. Also, do hand exercise at least 5 to 6 times a day, the hand exercises can help to keep them flexible and improve circulation.

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