6 Beauty Tips For Beautiful And Soft Hands

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Who doesn’t want beautiful and soft hands ? The most use part of the body, yet most neglected are our hands. They do so much for us but we still take them for granted. In addition, to the harsh weather, pollutants, we subject them more harassment than any other part of the body. But it while washing cloths, dishing utensils or working hard, they are constantly being roughed up by harsh detergents or chemicals. You don’t need to spend thousands on manicures, for beautiful and soft hands read our article.
6 Beauty Tips For Beautiful And Soft Hands
Following are the beauty tips for beautiful and soft hands :
Be Gentle : For beautiful and softy hands, wash your hands gently with a good hand wash. Moisturize your hands with lotion or cleansing milk before going to bed at night.
Wear Gloves : Protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves while washing cloths, utensils or any other activity that contains harsh chemicals.
Scrub : Scrubing hands once a week is good to get rid the hands of  dead cells. It will also enhance the cell renewal process.
Milky Way : Soaking hands in lukewarm water or milk is another way of strengthening the nails. Just 10 to 15 minutes daily task with strengthen them.
Massage : Massage is a wonderful way to stimulate blood circulation in your hands. Spread some cream on the back of your hand and gently massage. Repeat the same for other hand. A few days of this exercise will make your hands soft and beautiful.
Diet : Lastly focus on your diet. What you eat is important. So eat healthy foods that should be  rich in protein. Eat more vitamin B and other vitamins to strengthen the nails.
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