Natural facial mask for tan smooth and silky skin for women

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Womans beauty and skin care is nearly everything to her, however beauty is something inert,  with the passage of time your skin gets dry,tan and old as you grow of age, every one wants a young tender skin, there are many ways to rectify your skin, as your skin get clearer side effects occur with them. Are u tired of tan and blotchy skin? try herbal treatment as we brings you natural methods to make your skin glow and give u a better you, with all herbal ingredients and no side affects.
Natural facial mask for tan smooth and silky skin for women
THINGS U WILL NEED : Cucumber, grater, lemon juice (natural), powdered milk, applicator.
PROCEDURE : Take a bowl, Grate one medium size cucumber. To this, add one half teaspoon lemon juice mix it well for four to 5 minutes, and one tablespoon milk powder. Mix well. It will take the form of a mask, Apply this mask on face and neck for 20 minutes with the help of an applicator, leave it to dry naturally and relax yourself applying two round cut cucumber on your eyes in order to relax them. After 20 min rinse it carefully off with water. Its best for tan skin.
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