Reaction of PTI Workers on Reham Imran Marriage

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At last they have made it public. To quash any rumors, after a long friendship Imran Khan and Reham Khan have tied the knot and let the whole world know. The reaction of PTI workers on Reham Imran marriage is mixed as TPS went to the streets and online on social media and asked them about their feelings. It turned out that most of the PTI girls were unhappy. Some were perhaps dejected as why Imran didn’t select them but majority were agitated and disappointed over Imran’s selection of the girl.
Reaction of PTI Workers on Reham Imran Marriage
They said that Imran should have married a pure Pakistani girl but he ran after media glam and London breed. Many girls also had seen the Reham Khan dance video online and they had also seen Reham Khan photos in skirt and other objectionable dress. Reham Khan qabil e aiteraz tasaweer are the talk of town these days as people are sending Reham Khan video and pics through their mobile phones and through email and social media. That is why perhaps Imran Khan’s sister was against the marriage and Imran’s two sons also were not happy. In fact Imran Khan’s own party leaders like Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jehangir Tareen tried to tell Imran that it would be very damaging to party reputation. But when it comes to love, Imran only listens to the heart. But for the PTI workers from Karachi to Lahore and KPK, the reaction is very reserved. Man loyalists are pretending to be happy, but they are resenting Imran’s choice. This is not going to win Imran any more votes for sure and it will back fire sooner rather than later, as on daily basis Reham Khan’s new videos are emerging.
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