Awesome Facts about Xbox One

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There are so many awesome facts you can learn about Xbox one. The following is a list of the top facts that you can learn about these game.
Awesome Facts about Xbox One
Play Xbox One Games Offline or Online
With a Xbox One game, you do not need to be connected to the internet in order to enjoy the game. By the way it is possible for you to take the Xbox One any place and play any disc-based game on it. In fact the only instance that you require an internet connection is for initial set-up of the Xbox one; when you want the system bring some updates before commencing the playing.
Play your Xbox Live Gold Account Anywhere
Both the Xbox one and the Xbox 360 can allow A single Xbox Live Gold membership. In fact you can log into your friend’s Xbox one and be able o access all of your downloaded games, apps and preferences.
Your Gamerscore and Gamertag will Follow you to Xbox One
You need not to worry because you can bring your Xbox one live Gamerscore and Gamertag with you to Xbox one. Once you automatically get connected to Xbox live, you will get an automatic update to your Gamerscore.
You Control Your Privacy
It is possible for you to personalized Xbox One to you and your family by including privacy settings like automatic or manual sign-in. i9n fact when you install these privacy options, anyone without your permission cannot access things like videos, photos and other files.
Easily Turn Xbox One Kinect
You can turn off your Xbox One by just saying “Xbox, Turn Off.” This app is good because it puts Xbox one into a standby mode, a state it can only listen for voice command. Alternatively, you turn off your Xbox by unplugging it from the power system.
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