50000 Rawalpindi Metro Jobs

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The construction of Rawalpindi metro bus has already enabled thousands of people to get employment within and around Rawalpindi Islamabad region and now sources are predicting that after its completion and then during the running operations, more than 50,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created. From Rawalpindi Saddar to Islamabad secretariat, this almost 23km metro track would change the way the residents of Pindi and Islamabad use to commute for their work, business, education and pleasure. The project is in the final stages of completion. The Pakistani cities are overflowing with the population and except Lahore, not a single city has any decent public transport. Even Lahore has got its first ever metro bus service couple of years ago. Now Rawalpindi is lucky enough to become the second city in Pakistan to have the metro service.
50000 Rawalpindi Metro Jobs
Millions of people travel between Rawalpindi and Islamabad on weekly basis without any proper transport. It is estimated that the traffic volumes of over 210,000 vehicles ply on three major corridors connecting both the cities carrying around 525,000 passengers. With the introduction of metro service, Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s economies are about to boom. There will be more safety on the roads, and the very improved infrastructure will invite more investment, which will result in thousands of jobs in every sector. Another great advantage is the tourism. Islamabad is Pakistan’s most beautiful city with so much to see, but lack of transport is one big hurdle in promoting its beauty. But with metro bus service, that will be resolved and Islamabad will get a revival of tourism. Tourism alone would generate 20,000 jobs alone after the metro service start. This is a boon for this region and one hopes that other cities especially Karachi also gets a proper metro service.
Blog post Written by Salman Mugsi and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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