Karachi Defence Massage Center Girls Story

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If you have a back pain, or if you are simply feeling very tired, or if you have been recommended by a physician than there is nothing wrong with getting a massage. A healthy, relaxing massage which refreshes you is worth its money. But in Pakistan when the term massage is spoken, it simply is taken as a taboo. Unlike Thailand, Malaysia, or any other modern city of world, you won’t find massage centers or massage parlors operating freely in any Pakistani city including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore or any other. So when something is taboo and forbidden, naturally people find a way to provide and obtain. Same is happening with the massage parlors in Karachi. One massage parlor in Clifton and Defense area is quite popular, though it charges a lot.
Karachi Defence Massage Center Girls Story
Karachi girls in massage parlors provide services for half and hour or for full hour. I learned about the police raid on one of these massage centers and then talked to a girl who was recently arrested. This girl was weeping behind the bars and told me that she was doing nothing wrong but providing massage to a hopeful lady. She said that she was doing that to earn her living and to provide for her family where nobody else was earning. She said that this month they didn’t give monthly to the police and that is why their center was raided. She said that government should legalize such centers and provide them legal cover because there are hundreds of massage parlors and contact numbers can be taken from anywhere. I think this is high time that our society should review its taboos.
Blog post Written by Amna Gilani and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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