Everyday things that become cause of skin damage

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Skin is not only damaged by pollution, oily and unhealthy food. Other factors related to one’s daily life routine can be responsible for making one’s skin damaged. There are many factors that become cause of skin damage, they are listed below.
Everyday things that become cause of skin damage
Factors that become cause of skin damage:-
Eyes sight Glasses: If you keep on wearing glasses constantly for a long time, dirt and stains gather on the frame of glasses and ultimately on nose piece. The dirt is then transferred to skin and it becomes cause of skin damage.
Cellphone: Cellphone is the only thing that is frequently used for the whole day. Due to its excessive use, cellphone contains bacteria and germs stuck on it. When you put cellphone on your skin for listening a call, bacteria and germs are transferred to skin. These bacteria and germs leave marks on the skin and become cause of skin damage. So, it is useful to clean your cellphone daily in order to prevent from skin damage.
Pillowcases: Dead cells from your skin move on the pillowcases you use to sleep on. If you don’t change or wash the pillowcases, bacteria are again transferred to your skin and become a serious cause of skin damage. So, for getting rid from skin damage, wash your pillowcases and bed sheets regularly.
AC in your room: Spending a large time in air conditioned room causes skin damage. When you spend greater part of your day indoor or in air condition rooms, all the moisture from your skin is evaporated and this leads to skin damage.
One should take precautions to prevent skin from damaging. As damaged skin destroys the beauty of a person.
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