Electricity shortfall reaches to 1710 mw: power crises deepens

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Lahore: The shortfall of the electricity has reached to 1710 megawatts in the country as at present power production is 14429 megawatts against the demand of 16139 mw due to which the load shedding in the different cities has been intensified.

Due to long hour of load shedding, the people were forced to come out on the streets to protest against power outages.
According to PEPCO spokesman, some 7334 mw of electricity is being produced by IPPs whereas the hydrel sources are adding some 5395 mega watts of power to national grid out of which only Terbela and Mangla are producing 3449 mw.
Similarly the thermal production is about 1527 mw whereas rental power plants are only generating 173 mw of electricity. He said that PEPCO is providing 630 megawatts to KESC.
On the other hand according to Flood Forecasting Division the inflow of water in River Chenab at Head Mirala is 54234 cusec whereas the outflow of water is 22834 cusec. Whereas the water level in Terbela Dam has reached to 1437.26 feet as the arrival of water in the reservoir is 135007 cusec.
Now the duration of load shedding in the cities has reached to six to eight hours whereas in the ruler areas it has gone to 15 to 16 hours daily. 
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