Six-legged baby’s operational successful, life out of danger: doctors

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Doctors have operated the six-legged baby, born last Friday, successfully here on Thursday and say the baby’s life is out of danger now.

The doctor removed the additional four legs from the baby’s body as the operation completed successfully in the National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Karachi.

Earlier, medical experts said the case of six-legged baby from Sukkur was a bit complex as they were conjoined twins.

“One of the baby is not fully developed giving the present physical structure to the baby,” they said.

Last Friday, a technician’s wife gave birth to a baby boy with six legs  in Sukkur, a city of Sindh Province.

Impoverished Imran Sheikh, the mysterious baby’s father, appealed to the government to help him for treatment of his baby.

Paying attention to Sheikh’s appeal, governor of the province Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan instructed to shift the whole family to Karachi.

Doctors termed the case rare, saying, “This is a type of family disease which targets only one in a hundred thousand children.”

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