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Facebook is widely appreciated social networking website. Some authentic statistics reveal that over 175 million people access to Facebook every day. Due to this massive approach to Facebook, things needs to be handle with great care. So, here are some useful seeds that surely turn into ripen suggestions:

  1. Disclosing too much information: I took money as bribe and buy a brand new mobile phone and other such kind of information can ruin your professional life if your boss read your this kind of status you ultimately be fired . Avoid throwing too much information on your Facebook ID
  2. Don’t be addicted to Facebook: People usually open their Facebook account as they open their home fridge, means after every half an hour opens Facebook account, its seem as they get nourishment from Facebook. Do not be addicted to it. Make a particular time to login. If you open it so frequently you have nothing to do on it and you involve yourself in foolish applications. At home you are allowed to open your Facebook ID but don’t try this at your work place, hanging out with your friends in office timings will reduce your productivity in your work
  3. Give likes without any thought: People give likes to every notification whether it is good or not they just click the like button. Be honest in likings.
  4. Adding too many strangers as contacts: When I say strangers they don’t necessarily mean people you never met before and arbitrarily asking you to connect with them. They can be people you meet briefly during your holidays. It’s not wrong to add them, but if you add them all you’d probably have a hard time recalling who they are later on. Worse, they could be spooks who gained access to your friends-only Facebook details (especially phone) and haunt you later. In short, don’t bother connecting to people you don’t know.
  5. Give contemplative comments: Don’t be so hurry in giving comments. We usually comment without giving a thought which at the end entangled us. People complained like “why you comment like that”, “you open our secret” “You ruin my reputation”.
  6. Posting Crazy photos: Some people are hungry for “Likes” and comments so they think placing all-original photos of funny, weird or obscene shots attracts them. However, it’s also a likely recipe for disaster. The problem is that not all will be amused, and if your boss is one of them, be prepared to face the consequences.
  7. Making grammar and spelling mistakes: On every Facebook update you make, your reputation is at stake. Do you want to be perceived as an upright, intellectual being or simply just a careless blob. Facebook isn’t certainly for geniuses but taking care of basic punctuation and grammar issues can benefit you a lot.
  8. Make bridge between personal and professional life: Individual have different colors in different places. So be careful don’t mix your personal and professional life. Make different ID for office use and other for personal use. Be careful that your comment can not become the root cause of your expulsion from job.
  9. Avoid too many Facebook ID: People usually get fun in disguising themselves and to cheat other people. This in turn ultimately be worse for yourself .Make prolific use of Facebook.
  10. Making nonsense updates: Okay I get it, you got a new mobile phone. Okay I understand you already brushed your teeth. Okay, it’s not worth posting something it. Some people just want others to see what they are doing, even to the tiniest details. Don’t be like them.

Blog post Written by Aribah Khanum and You can visit the original article at http://www.thenewstribe.com/

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