Pakistani girls being blackmailed on Facebook

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Pakistan is one of those countries of Asia where the usage of latest technology, the Internet and social networking is constantly increasing, and hence affecting hundreds of teenage girls and women. Many of them have tried to commit suicide and confining themselves in their places.

According to an FIA report, cyber crimes have been constantly increasing in Pakistan and girls belonging to educated, wealthy, industrialists’, police and government officers’ families as well as from middle class families are being blackmailed via Facebook and various other social networking websites.

According to FIA sources, 99% of complaints regarding blackmailing through Facebook and others are of girls whose accounts have been hacked and after obtaining pictures and other content; they were edited and uploaded on different social websites.

The hackers also make fake accounts and communicate vulgarly with the relatives and friends of the affected person.

Out of the 20 million internet users in Pakistan, five million people are regular users of Facebook and such social websites, whereas 70% of the complaints received by the FIA’s cyber crime wing are of Facebook.

Even hundreds of girls and women in Pakistan’s biggest city, Karachi are spending a life of sorrow and misery and enduring its hardships putting aside all their qualifications and education.

According to a report of renowned English daily, in the previous three months, five suspects have been arrested and charged for blackmailing innocent, educated and those belonging to respectable families. Real and edited pictures and videos of numerous girls and women containing obscenity were found in their possession.

According to the reports, various suspects break into the accounts of girls and women after being rejected or after break ups with any of them and want to teach them and their families a lesson; whereas a number of girls have been expelled from their educational institutions just because of these pictures and videos, some of them also tried committing suicide.

According to FIA’s cyber crime wing Sindh division, various attempts have been made to arrest those people involved in blackmailing girls and women.

According to the present reports, in Pakistan as compared to other countries there aren’t any effective laws concerning cyber crimes due to which there has been a constant increase in the blackmailing and hacking.

In all countries around the globe where social networking has made life easy, it has also affected the lives of millions. Facebook and other social networking websites along with blackmailing can be a threat to a person’s life sometimes.

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