‘Ziauddin College of Biomedical Engineering – addressing the changing healthcare’

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Health is one of the primary needs for normal life. In Pakistan, the existing health system is not skilled enough to provide adequate health services for the growing population. Such a sorry state of affairs can be attributed to some key issues associated with health sector from very beginning. Deficiency of funds, limited access of health services and their insufficiency, extreme poverty, ignorance and lack of awareness among the masses and poor health infrastructure have been identified as fundamental problems in the way of improving healthcare. If we observe the human history critically we may find engineering has driven the advancement in human civilization and it has contributed a major function for the development of society. World is changing gradually and the modern era is having applications of engineering in almost every field. The many advances of modern research and development have marked an impact on society’s values, especially those concerning healthcare.  The 21st century is technically called the Biological century as more technological advancement in the medical and industrial area is predictable with heavily funded research programs ongoing in most countries of the world. Development in the field of biology and medicine, such as human genomes sequencing and research to create cell and organ functions, have lead to a serious change in many industrial segments and strengthened the medical engineering profession. Although the conventional areas of engineering and other technology innovations will continue, more new opportunities will come up in Biomedical Engineering and in the field of biology, medicine, health and delivery of healthcare. The Biomedical age is still in the embryonic stage, rising steadily as we proceed to develop the field of Biomedical.

‘Ziauddin College of Biomedical Engineering – addressing the changing healthcare’
If somebody have the passion to work for the sick and willing to make a difference in the field of healthcare. If somebody enjoys working with the team of physicians, scientists, researchers, medical technologist to improve, restore and develop functions to simulate human body and want to improve health related problems in country! Then, BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING is looking for them… Although there are very small numbers of public and private sector universities in Pakistan that offer course in Biomedical Engineering but the span of Biomedical is increasing gradually.  In Karachi Ziauddin University – a leading degree awarding private University has recently established a College of Biomedical Engineering with a view to provide education and train the Biomedical Engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful careers as productive professionals, both in Pakistan and at the international level. College of Biomedical Engineering is currently offering 4 years Bachelor of Science (B.S) and planning for 2 years Master Degree (M.S) program. Department of Biomedical Engineering is fully equipped with modern equipments and lead by dedicated faculty under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Bhatti for the improvement of Biomedical Engineering status in the country and ultimately the health status by producing skilled human resource in the field of Healthcare Engineering. The Graduates of this College are expected to become skilled engineers and technologist with leadership potential. The students are taught and trained to be a skilled BM Engineers and the syllabus enables the students to acquire the art and skills of probing, scientifically into health and related problems ultimately healthcare needs of the country. During the 4 years learning environment students are exposed to a variety of learning strategies to provide experimental learning through a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. The broad and integrated curriculum not only includes courses from all engineering disciplines (according to HEC/PEC requirements) with hands-on training through intensive laboratory course work and projects but also encompassing real-life Biomedical problems, at following hospitals:
400 Bedded General Hospital at N.Nazimabad, Karachi
150 Bedded General Hospital at Clifton, Karachi
150 Bedded General Hospital at Kemari, Karachi
 A Dental Hospital of 50 Dental Units
With growing healthcare awareness, increase in population and greater affordability for optimized healthcare, the need for qualified Biomedical Engineering professionals is increased in Pakistan day by day therefore; the suitable and applicable structure is required to bridge the gap between medical technology and patient care. Currently, the status of Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan is far from satisfactory. Federal and Provincial government should make some policies to introduce Biomedical Engineering departments in government hospitals and other healthcare centers as-well. Biomedical Engineers can play a key role in the delivery of optimal healthcare both in private and government sectors. The author is thankful to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Bhatti (Dean, College of Biomedical Engineering, Ziauddin University, Karachi) for providing statistics.
Blog post Written bMirza Abdul Aleem Baig and You can visit the original article at http://blogs.thenewstribe.com
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