When night falls

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The whole Hunza Nagar view was right in front of me while i was sipping tea at Hunza Baltit Inn in Karimabad. I could see High Rakaposhi peak on my left while Ultar peak and Baltit fort were shining on my right. The sun was already about to set, sky was getting darker and dim lights on wooden hotel gave that evening a mood.

When night falls

I kept on sipping tea in veranda till night fell. I saw a pitch dark rugged mountain right in front. Shining white snow was leading on the top. Above that, i saw stars. Not billion but zillion stars. I ordered one more cup of tea, took my tripod and started taking pictures.  I started observing them. It felt like as if someone has sparkled shining  white pepper in sky. I tried to talk to them. They were calling me, showing the proof of their existence, shouting out aloud  ”We exist”.

When night falls
Its very common in mountains that you get to see stars, uncountable stars shining above your head. My daily routinne every night had become to get out of my hotel room, order tea and watch stars. I like making shapes with stars as we would used to do in childhood. If you are somewhere in mountains, be it in Balochistan, KPK or Gilgit-Baltistan. Get out of your room this evening, watch and talk to zillions of stars waiting for your call.
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