Meera is a Real Threat to Imran Khan in Election 2013

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If you think I am kidding, then either you don’t know Meera or you are not aware of the people of NA-126. I am one of the luckiest one who happens to be voter in this constituency and as soon as I heard Meera was going to be the candidate, my vote got sold right at the spot. That, and I have already stocked up the photos of Meera, and you could envy my collection.

Meera is a Real Threat to Imran Khan in Election 2013
I am not sure that either of that photo could be used on the election posters or banners or hoardings, but heck we ought to be open and shouldn’t hide what is already out. Be honest, tell me if on the same pole, there are photos of Imran Khan, Sarfraz Nawaz and Meera; then to whose picture you would spend more time? Meera is also planning to go to London and meet Margaret Thatcher as how to lead a nation. She doesn’t need any electioneering advice, as that is not needed for a candidate, who already has all the hearts and votes in her deep wet pockets.
The candidates opposing her also celebrities, but they don’t have those low hanging fruits, lethal weapons, and unlimited supply of political-fidayeens. Meera has all the power to blow away tsunami with one thumka, and hook Sarfaraz out of park with one lutka-jhutka. If Imran embeds live music in his public meetings, Meera is self-sufficient in this realm and would be mixing music with mujras and that is enough to attract hundreds of thousands of people. If we follow PTI’s formula, then the public meeting attendees would translate directly into votes, so it means Meera is the winner hands down on May 11.
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