Post Elections Pakistan

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Some four months ago in a discussion when the word “nation” was used extensively in a statement that would hardly make four lines or five if written, I was stopped and asked to define the word I was using so enthusiastically. Obviously out of my limited knowledge I put forward the definition I could produce the best and that was the point I was pinned repeatedly by referring to what I myself said. At that time, it felt bad very bad but when exactly after four months I look at my definition of nation and what reality is showing me, especially, for last couple of days there is an evident difference between the two.

Even after over sixty-five years of living together under the tag of a nation we do not miss a single chance when we can fight with each other and point fingers on those who share the same tag but different opinion. The recent elections have been a new example of this attitude. Even months before the elections, the divide and the rift over the political differences came in and just like fatwas on someone’s religious affiliations; we saw one side declaring other enemy of the country and in return getting same title from the other side.

Post Elections Pakistan
Elections have ended we have the results but even after unknowingly doing a massive favour of this country we are fighting over the results. Reservations, difference of opinion, grief, and celebration on the result are a natural factors and a democratic right of all the voters and supports too. However, like many other things, perhaps under the influence of our national habit, we cross limit in this regard too. Neither we regarded the sentiments of the others before the elections nor we are doing it now. The election was rigged and was not as free and fair as expected then a reality check is that we are living in a country not a paradise where everything is perfect. Before looking at the factors like rigging and forgery in the elections, we must address the issues and factors that we can easily see if we can dare to peek in our own collar.
The dishonesty we show in nearly all the aspects of our life is world famous and then we demand everything free and fair without correcting ourselves. As I said, the elections and showing around or over 60% turnout in it was a favour that we unknowingly, perhaps, gave to the country. A country under the regular threats of terrorism activities, we are also home of a certain kind of mindset, under the name of Islam, that declares casting vote as un-Islamic and sin. In that country, 60% of the population eligible to vote came out and used their right and declared that the credence of change via ballet not bullet is still alive. We are an impatient and twitchy nation (if we are nation at all) and we want everything to get fixed as quickly as snap of fingers or blink of an eye. That is the reason we have cherish incredible romance and anecdote with the things like revolution (fact remains we don’t even know what does that mean) and long solid boots.
Change is a gradual process and it certainly starts within. Looking at the results of the elections the positive thing is that there is glimpse of the continuity of that gradual process. In fact, we have gone one-step ahead. With the power of vote, we have rejected many of those who did not perform well last time and we gave chance to many new players now. As a nation, we have also given message that now we are aware enough to make a little wiser decisions when needed so if you fail to deliver this time next time do not even bother to show your face next time. We have a new political party who emerged as the second most eminent political party in the country who had not a single representative in the previous parliament. We are going to have a strong government in the centre that probably will be free from the blackmailing of collision partners. Moreover, the political parties in the government are under the constant pressure of fulfilling the hopes attached to them and dreams they sold during campaign.
The dynamics of national and “pan-Punjab” party has shifted. Interestingly the majority of the voters have given votes to the political candidates this time not Grave, Mazloom (victim) or Bechara (oppressed poor). It is time for us to show a bit more maturity and grace to address the issues and reservations like the words maturity and grace demand. Rather than ranting and awarding labels to the others, it is time to sit down and develop a consensus. We already are in a difficult and complex state we certainly cannot afford more episodes of abhorrence and assertion. All we need is to thinking above the political affiliation and take step for a better Pakistan no matter if that better Pakistan is named as Naya or Roshan. After all better and developed Pakistan is the goal all political parties advertised to clutch votes. Having said that, I hope and expect the election commission should take notice of the issues and address them as soon as possible. Moreover, on this issue I expect the same maturity and grace from the leadership of all the political parties that I expect from the voters and supporters.
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