I am Jealous of Malala

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Why on earth she is getting awards upon awards, praises upon praises, and rewards upon rewards? What has she done to deserve this? Just few bullets by some crazy people, and the world has gone crazy about her? Is there any shortage of good and noble people in the world who deserve the prizes and the awards that they have become focused on one single kid? Or is it something else? Has she been rewarded and awarded just because she is against Islam and has challenged the hardcore fanatics? Why Western governments and people are queuing up to pay their affection and respect for her? I feel very resentful and jealous towards her and I am burning in the fire of negative envy.
I am Jealous of Malala
Ok, folks yes the above was sarcasm. But those who don’t know the psyche of the Indo-Pak subcontinent would be surprised to learn that Malala isn’t someone much likeable in the Pakistan even by the people who abhor the Taliban and the people who call themselves liberal and progressive and modern. I have overheard many conversations in the DHA Karachi drawing rooms where the begums and sahibs feel perplexed and kind of angry over the growing list of awards Malala is receiving. They even accused her father of brokering for her.
I have even seen at TV in the talk shows that few anchors and their guests have shown heavy hint of indignation and irritation even on the mention of Malala’s name. Politicians of left and right in Pakistan don’t talk about her much as they know that public also isn’t warmed up to the girl. The cold fury of jealousy against the Malala is rising and even the nobel prize for her won’t make her darling of Pakistan. Malala wants to be come politician in the Pakistan but she is already controversial. Isn’t it sad and highly tragic? Malala is providing much needed softness to our image, but we have become jealous of that softness. No wonder that we are in such a mess and no trick or solution seem to be working for us.
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