Promotion of Girls Education in Pakistan

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Education is the simple process of learning and knowing. It is not limited to the schools only. Education starts from the mother’s lap. Parents and family inculcate good manners and make liable citizens out of their children. Home is called first school of the children, but the formal education starts from the school, where they are taught, how to behave and understand what is going on around them. Education is very important for every human being. It makes one able to understand what is happening around us logically and clearly. Only educated person has the ability to take practical decisions and make right moves at the right time. Human existence without education is just like fruitful land. Education not only enables individuals to put their possible to best use and do something creative in the upcoming future, but also plays a main role in shaping an individual to be a better, responsible citizen and an active member of the society. An educated person with self-confidence and precise moves knows how to change the world. Education provides the steps for achieving success in life and enables us to exploit skills and talent in a positive way. Therefore, it’s the prime responsibility of an individual to get educated and live a wealthy life while being a responsible citizen.
Promotion of Girls Education in Pakistan
The promotion of girl’s education is the certification for having a build up society and economic boom in the country. Education is a worldwide human right and every country has amoral responsibility to pay for its citizen’s access to at least basic one. The gender difference is exaggerated by the Taliban enforcement of a complete disallow on female education in the Swat district, some private girls schools have been shut down. At least few of them girls’ schools that tried to open after the attack by the Taliban. There is a huge difference in the rates of staffing of boys as compared to girls in Pakistan. Pakistan has fewer schools for girls than for boys. At the regional or country level, there are also more boys’ schools than girls’ schools. This condition is leading towards the damage of girls’ education in Pakistan. The endorsement of girls’ education is the assurance for having a developed society and an economic boom in the country. The new government is faced with the dispute of devising new strategies for the progress of the education system in the country.
Education in Pakistan is heavily influenced by religion. For instance, a study of Pakistani science teachers showed that many rejected evolution based on religious grounds. However, most Pakistani teachers (14 out of 18) either accepted or considered the possibility of the evolution of living organisms, although nearly all Pakistani science teachers rejected human evolution because they believed that ‘human beings did not evolve from monkeys.’ Although many teachers rejected the evolution of humans, “all agreed that there is ‘no contradiction between science and Islam’ in general”. Regional difference is also a major cause. The schools in Baluchistan (The Largest Province Of Pakistan By Area) are not that much groomed as that of Punjab (The Largest Province Of Pakistan By Population). In FATA, the literacy rate is terrible constituting. The teachers in government schools are not well trained. People who do not get job in any other sector, they try their luck in educational system. They are not professionally trained teachers so they are unable to train a nation. Poverty is also another factor that restricts the parents to send their children to public or private schools. So, they prefer to send their children to madras’s where education is totally free.
Promotion of Girls Education in Pakistan
A few reasons have been dug out for the terrible state of the education system in the country. There are many reasons why children, particularly girls, are absent from school or drop out early. Worried infrastructure is the cause of failure in the rural areas of public schools. Gender inconsistency is also the major cause of the failure of the education system in Pakistan. Poverty and lack of food act as obstacles for rural girls to be educated. In some rural areas, the existing feudal system and conservative thought are also the main reason why girls’ education is resisted. Moreover, government observe to education is on the margin of disappearance. It has now practically become the norm that the share of the budget allocated to education is at its minimum level. Having a sufficient number of schools for both boys and girls is also a condition for access to quality education. For the endorsement of girl’s education, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, the government and even the common public has to play their role with the strength of reliability. as well, more schools should be constructed; teachers’ regular attendance must be made compulsory and a monitoring and assessment instrument must be recognized to abolish the corrupt elements that disturb the education system. Teacher training also needs to be organized so that the teachers are in a position to play a motivational role for their students.
Estimating the value of education, the Government should take solid steps on this issue. Implementation instead of projecting policies should be focused on. Allocation of funds should be made easy from provinces to districts and then to educational institutes. Workshops must be arranged for teachers. Technical education must be given to all the classes. The education board of Punjab has projected a plan to give tech- education to the children of industrial workers. Endorsement of the primary education is the need of time. Teachers, professors and educationists should be consulted while devising any plan, syllabus or policy. The state seems to give up her responsibility and totally relying on private sector. The need of time is to bring education in its original form to masses. Burdening students with so many books will not work as he will not understand what the world is going to do next moment. Education is the only cure of the instability in the state and can bring revolution through evolution, by eradicating the social evils. This is how to remove illiteracy in Pakistan.
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