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Are you planing to lose weight ? but how should you do that by both dieting and exercising. But you are like me who can’t control her Appetite. Then you have a problem, because if you don’t have the patience and the stamina required to diet you can’t diet. It is very difficult to control your appetite. So we decided to write an article on Home Remedies To Control Appetite. These remedies will make you diet easier. As they will help you control you appetite and you won’t then eat excess thus maintain your diet. 
Home Remedies To Control Appetite
Following are the Home Remedies To Control Appetite:
Change your eating habits
The first thing you have to do is change your eating habits. We are not saying you should stop eating or eat less. Eat as much as you want in small amounts rather then in one big meal. As regular intake of small meals help in maintaining the energy level and you will feel less hungry.
Dietary fiber
Dietary Fiber food products lessen your appetite. Foods which are full of dietary fiber tells your stomach that it is full. This will result in less eating. Try having food items like apples, grapes, peaches etc more often.
Drink water, water and water
Then this is the most important thing to keep your appetite under control. It will not only help you lose weight but will also improve your health. So what you have to do is drink water. It is very useful for your health. Drink water on regular intervals. In case you are like me, who forgets to drink water , you can also use the App WATER YOUR BODY. It will remind you after certain time to drink water. It really worked for me.
A daily workout is another important factor to reduce appetite. Some kinds of workouts are believed to trigger hormones those help to curb appetite. Do exercise like Zuma. They are not only easy to do but also fun.
Sleep is also an important factor in controlling your diet. It helps you manage your weight, as lack of sleep results in more eating.
A dry fruit called Pistachios is very useful for reducing your appetite. These nuts consist of cholecystokinin that intimate your brain that your stomach is full. Also the presence of minerals and vitamins will allow you to feel relaxed and calm.
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