Name Nisho
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 1954
Place of Birth Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan
Famous For Acting

Nisho, Actresses is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 1954

Nisho was a Pakistani film heroine in the 1970s. Nisho was very talented and glamorous actress. She was beautiful and attractive. Bazi was her Ist film raleased in 1970. She was also worked in Punjabi Films but she got good response in Urdu films. Nisho is mother of beautiful heroine Sahiba.

Nisho the famous and beautiful actress of Pakistani cinema was born in Gujrat. Her real name is Bilquis Begum. She gain fame, name and respect in Pakistani film Industry.

Her early work
She was offered the role of lead actress opposite Mohammad Ali and Nadeem in her debut, mega hit film ‘Baazi,’ in 1970. Around that time, Bilquis changed her name to Nisho and achieved name, fame and respect in times due course. Moreover, Mohammad Ali and Nadeem appeared together for the first time in the film ‘Baazi’ (Director, Late Iqbal Shehzad, composer, Sohail Rana.

Her private life
During her school days, Nisho fell in love with a boy, Inam Rabbani. The mutual devotion and understanding resulted in their marriage. Nisho had a daughter, Saheba, with Rabbani. It so happened that Rabbani left Pakistan and settled abroad. Years passed by and he did not return. Consequently, Nisho divorced Rabbani.
Poet Tasleem Fazli, who died in 1982, was Nisho’s second husband. Through perseverance and faith, Nisho overpowered her marital setbacks one after another. In 1988, six years after Tasleem Fazli's death, Nisho married for the third time. She had a son, Hamza, from her third husband.

No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1970 Bazi Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Mohammad Ali, Qavi, Naureen
2 1970 Rangeela Urdu Nisho, Rangeela, Aqeel, Saiqa, Salma Mumtaz
3 1971 Bazigar Punjabi Nisho, Ejaz, Allauddin
4 1971 Roop Behroop Urdu Nisho, Kemal, Zamurrad
5 1971 Yeh Amman Urdu Nisho, Jameel, Sangeeta, Allauddin, Talish
6 1971 Yaar Des Punjab de Punjabi Naghma, Yousuf Khan Khan, Nisho
7 1972 Bazaar Urdu Nisho, Imran Sangeeta
8 1972 Angarey Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Shamim Ara, Talish
9 1973 Dulhan Rani Urdu Nisho, Nazim, Aqeel
10 1973 Farz Urdu Shamim Ara, Kemal, Nisho
11 1973 Insaan aur Gadha Urdu Nisho, Kemal, Rangeela
12 1973 Kubra Aashiq Urdu Nisho, Rangeela, Aurangzeb, Asif Khan, Sawan
13 1973 Mulaqat Urdu Nisho, Waheed Murad, Qavi
14 1973 Aar Paar Urdu Nisho, Shahid, Qavi
15 1973 Naadan Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Qavi, Rehman
16 1973 Sehrey ke Phool Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Asiya , Qavi, Lehri
17 1973 Mulaqat Urdu Nisho, Qavi, Lehri, Qavi, M.Saeed, Afzal
18 1973 Jaal Urdu Nisho, Waheed Murad, Shaista Qaiser
19 1973 Tera Gham rahe Salamat Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Shahid, Saiqa, Qavi, Talish
20 1974 Imandar Urdu Nisho, Munawar Zarif, Deeba
21 1974 Namak haram Urdu Asiya, Nisho, Munawar Zarif
22 1974 Neelam Urdu Nisho, Shahid, Munawar Zarif
23 1974 Parda na uthao Urdu Nisho, Shahid, Rangeela
24 1974 Samaj Urdu Nisho, Mohammad Ali, Nadeem, Rehan, Qavi
25 1974 Mitti Ke Putle Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Munawar Saeed, Qavi
26 1974 Tiger Gang Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Ali Ejaz, Qavi
27 1974 Phool mere Gulahan ka Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Nadeem, Nisho
28 1974 Bahisht Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Nayyar Sultana, Talish, Lehri
29 1975 Athra Punjabi Neelo, Yousuf Khan, Nisho
30 1975 Hivan Urdu Nisho, Shahid, Adeeb
31 1975 Neki badi Urdu Nisho, Shahid, Sabiha
32 1975 Paisa Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Qavi, Lehri
33 1975 Moashira Urdu Sangeeta, Mohd Ali, Nadeem, Shahid, Nisho
34 1975 Shikwa Urdu Deeba, Mod Ali, Ghulam Mohahayuddin, Nisho
35 1975 Professor Urdu Nisho, Mohammad Ali, Shahid, Qavi
36 1975 Bikhrey Moti Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Kaifi, Sabiha
37 1975 Soorat aur Seerat Urdu Mumtaz, Sudhir, Mod Ali, Waheed Murad, Nisho
38 1975 Roshni Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Mumtaz, Sabiha, Badar Munir
39 1975 Neik Perveen Urdu Nisho, Mohammad Ali, Sangeeta, Rehman, Aslam
40 1976 Jatt Kurian toon darda Punjabi Neelo, Kemal, Najma, Nisho, Rangeela, Nabeela, Munawar Saeed, Ilyas
41 1976 Zubaida Urdu Babra, Waheed Murad, Nisho, Lehri, Sabiha
42 1976 Rastey ka Pathar Urdu Nisho, Waheed Murad, Sabiha, Ruhu Bano, Qavi
43 1976 Dharkan Urdu Zeba, Mohammad Ali, Shahid, Nisho
44 1977 Ajj dian Kurian Punjabi Neelo, Najma, Kemal, Nisho, Saiqa, Firzana
45 1977 Aamna Samna Urdu Najma, Shahid, Nisho
46 1977 Gora Kala Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Aurangzeb, Saiqa, Qavi
47 1978 Ehtjaj Urdu Deeba, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Nisho
48 1978 Lakha Punjabi Nisho, Iqbal Hassan, Sultan Rahi
49 1978 Dil ke Dagh Urdu Nisho, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Masood Akhtar
50 1978 Aadmi Urdu Nisho, Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Sangeeta
51 1979 Mohammad bin Qasim Urdu Nisho, Nazim, Zamurrad, Qavi, Talish
52 1980 Pyari Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Nisho,Naghma, Qavi
53 1981 Tange wali Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Bindia, Afzaa
54 1982 Saharey Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Faisal Iqbal
55 1989 Hanste Aansoo Urdu Nisho, Tariq Shah, Allauddin
56 1989 Zulm da Sooraj Punjabi Nadira, Yousuf Khan, Nisho
57 1994 Anokha Pyar Urdu Nisho, Asif Khan, Musarrat Shaheen

Nisho, a popular Pakistani signature, who helped inspire the movie, is retired from the industry. Once in a while, she makes her presence felt at a function or public place.
Her stories and proud memories lives on.