Saman Ansari

Name Saman Ansari
Nationality Pakistan
Date of Birth 1st February 1974
Place of Birth
Famous For Acting, Debator And TV Anchor

Saman Ansari, Actresses is famous for Acting, Debator And TV Anchor, Pakistan celebrity. Born on 1st February 1974

She has been known by many many names- Best English Debator in Pakistan, Best All Rounder Student (FGCW Isb), The Golden Voice of FM 100, Aesthetic Director Sila Enterprises (Global), Master Makeup Artist of Studio Sila (USA), Lead Designer and Owner Saffron Affairs Inc (USA).

From Public Speaking, to makeup artistry to event design whether on stage, screen or in person one thing has always been consistent- Saman Ansari has infused her work with the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and this has been imminent in her signature style of communication, design, creation and decor'.

Always creating a Niche', Saman has used her talents to fill voids in the market segment. From her first audio launch of a nursery rhymes in Urdu with a read along book, to her melodious greeting ' Assalaam-O-Alaikom Pak is tan' on FM radio, to creating the first e-commerce fashion house online offering Pakistani clothing globaly, to the first travelling professional makeup and photography studio- Saman has seen the 'needs' and fulfilled them with her passionate dedication to excellence. She brings over 17 years of international experience in Canada, the USA and Pakistan to her new home- The UAE.

Best All Rounder Student (1990- 1994), Best English Debator in Pakistan (1990-1994), Best Voice of Radio CRARI 1996

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