Things that Makes PS4 Better than Xbox One

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People might keep on wondering on which between the two new consoles is better than the other. Actually, an answer is very simple; it is PS4. The following are deeper reasons why this is the case.
Things that Makes PS4 Better than Xbox One
Xbox One vs. PS4 – CPU
The CPU of PS4 and The Xbox One are extremely similar CPUs. Both use a set up which links both the GPU and CPU into one package. When you look at the speed of the two consoles CPUs, the Xbox is superior. But what really matters a lot to the overall performance is the GPU that favors that of PS4 which is much powerful.
PS4 vs. Xbox One – RAM and GPU
At an initial assessment, you might think that the GPUs of both consoles are identical. Actually, they are not identical. The PS4 has a processor that is 50% more powerful than that of the Xbox. It has 1152 shader- processor compared to 768 of the Xbox.
Xbox One vs. PS4 –Graphics
Graphics is key factor when it comes to the world of online sporting. A console that has better graphics will always attract more users compared to the one without better graphics. If you look at the current consoles; the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 battle, it is hard to tell which one has better graphics than the other as the quality of graphics depends on each particular game. Further, the difference between the graphics is not that big. For us to project on what will happen to the next generation consoles in terms of graphics, you need to consider on both the strength of the GPU and CPU of these consoles.
Xbox One vs. PS4 – Apps
Apps are good as they will give you access to streaming services including Netflix, you tube and so on. In fact, the quality of apps between the PS4 and Xbox depends on your personal judgment based on your priorities.
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